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by Alesandra Dubin


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DJ Michelle Pesce is spinning everywhere these days: at the Grammys’ official after-party, at the Coachella bashes with the cool kids, live on Good Morning America and at a seemingly nonstop parade of other high-profile gigs.

We wanted to know what keeps this Ohio-bred, L.A.-based music powerhouse—with an amazing bod—going. So we asked her! Here’s what she eats and drinks to fuel those long nights behind the turntables.

Cold-Pressed Juices: “I am obsessed! These help me to feel good and look good. I’ll do an all-juice cleanse for four to five days before big gigs or trips, but even on a daily basis, I try to include two or three juices in my diet. My fridge is stocked with them now since I know that once I get on tour, my eating won’t be so healthy. I switch up varieties often but right now have been [going to L.A. juice bars] Moon Juice and Glow Bio a lot.”

Carrots and Almonds: “I am a snacker, so these are my go-to nibbles, and I have them around all the time. Just healthy things that you can carry with you when you leave home, and I swear—almonds are pretty filling!”

Vodka, Soda, Splash of Sugar-Free Redbull: “This was my drink of choice for a long time. It definitely adds a bit of energy to your body and is refreshing without too many calories or too much sugar.”

Whiskey, Neat: “This is my new drink of choice. For years, a lot of the guys that I worked along with would drink Jameson. They started my love for it, but the real reasons I switched from vodka to Jameson earlier this year had to do with DJ gigs. First, it’s a perfect winter drink to warm you up, especially when you are playing a gig outdoors. And second, there is less liquid going in your body and for a DJ doing three- to five-hour sets in dresses and heels, who has time to run to the ladies’ room?”

Pizza: “Now I must point out the my favorite pizza is from Youngstown, Ohio and definitely not thin crust—but the recently closed Domiano’s was a life saver for me and my friends on many, many late nights. I’ve had a residency at the Dime in Los Angeles for almost nine years and Domiano’s was a few doors down. When the lights come up at the end of the night, it’s our Dime family time to hang, laugh, debate, listen to music and eat.”

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